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Tesco Washing Line Options

Tesco is among the major retailers internationally with supplies spread through 12 nations, members of staff are more than 500, 000 and serve lots of clients a week both in physical stores and online. It is based in Britain with its headquarters at Cheshunt, United Kingdom.

Tesco was founded in 1919 by a man known as Jack Cohen who had a business motto ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’. Tesco only began as a group of shop stalls, and eventually expanded into selling of other items such as; books, clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol, software, financial services, internet services, telecom and music downloads.

Currently, It has evolved into being a chain of supermarkets and spread across countries like; UK, South Korea, China Ireland, Turkey, Poland, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malaysia, Hungary and Thailand.

Tesco also has a variety of wash lines at their stores and the clients can choose the one the like most or depending on their interests. The wash line types come in different models which are all manufactured to meet the needs you have. These models include the following;

Heavy Duty Airer Clothes Dryer

This is a heavy duty rotary clothes dryer that offers much space, particularly in lesser rooms, to dry fabrics and clothes. Due to the solid holding and the strong material used during its manufactured, the wash line is very strong and rigid.

Tesco Aluminium of high quality 50 Meters clothes line

This is a wash line with so much in assembling and dismantle after use. It offers you with much space to hang your laundry, has a bottom sleeve that has a lid thus making it more strong. It weighs about 3 kgs, which is an appropriate weight for a wash line. It is as long as 50m to enable you hang as many clothes as needed in one go.

We also found Tesco stocking washing lines from other popular brands.

Home gear Outdoor 4 Arm 50m Rotary Clothes Airer Dryer / Washing Line

homegear outdoor 4 arm 50m rotary washing line airer.

A rotary dryer is basically the finest way to air dry your clothes. It’s energy competent, looks after your garments, and offers you that perfect air dried scent you cannot get from indoor dried clothes. It has 164 foot of line; that provides you with enough area to hang down your household’s laundry. It also included is a ground socket – just fix this in place, and you can remove and replace your dryer easily. It is designed with four arms that allows you to hang more clothes of up to four wash loads, and durable because of the aluminum coating. This wash line is unique due to its protective cover, which maintains it clean during storage or when not in use. These models is manufactured in many different colors such as green, blue and silver so you can choose the color you like best.


Minky 4 Arms Telescopic Rotary Washing Line Airer Dryer Height Adjustable

Minky 4 Arms Telescopic Rotary Washing Line

The Minky 45m telescopic rotary airer is an open-air airer which can hold up to 3 regular wash loads. This Minky airer is easy to carry and store because it is compact. It has an arm fastening device and an artless to use “lift & lock” method. This outdoor wash line is prepared using galvanized steel material which makes it have strong lines that are resistant to sagging. These wash lines are 45 m which is appropriate for hanging many clothes of up to 4 regular wash loads. They are manufactured in a shiny silver color which appeals to the eye.



ASDA Rotary Airer 3 Arm

Asda Rotary 3 Arm

This is a three-arm rotary wash line that is fitted with an earth plug for setting up into concrete, and 30m of easy rub clean PVC-coated polyester line. It has a spinning disc of 1.92m, which makes it appropriate for smaller grounds. It can hold up to 20kg of laundry which is approximately 3 wash loads.

The shop has both the rotary and the retractable wash lines which are efficient for hanging your clothes. The retractable ones are adjustable depending on the size of your space, which makes them suitable for people living in a small compound homestead.

However, if you do not have outside space at all, you can opt to hang the clothes indoors. You can find variety of washing lines at Tesco chain of supermarkets in any of the 12 countries they have their branches. They also have many more wash products which you may need at your home.

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