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Argos Washing Line Options

It is very satisfying when you wash your clothes and secure them with pegs on a clothes line for them to air dry. The fresh and clean clothes get an additional touch of softness due to the gentle breeze. It is important to make use of the sun in drying your clothes by hanging them outside after doing your laundry. You can acquire a variety of wash line products from Argos. Argos is a share of Sainsbury’s, which is among the UK’s chief foodstuff and non-food shops that are located in different areas. They sell their goods both online with fast delivery systems and physically.

It is advisable that you measure the space outside, where you intend to hang your clothes before you purchase an outdoor wash line. This ensures that you have enough space where your clothes can air dry without congestion. However, it you do not have enough space you can always choose the retractable wash lines which can fit the available space or the temporary ones, which you can place outside when the need arises. You only require having pegs with which you secure your clothes from falling especially when there is wind blowing. Once you have bought them, they are very easy to install and maintain as well. They are a perfect choice during the summer season, to replace the indoor dryer systems.

This system of drying clothes is the cheapest because it utilizes the sun to dry the clothes. Therefore, if you want to have a distinct and unique feeling as you wear your clothes, you need to get these cloth lines from Argos shops. The staff will actually advise you on the best type of wash products to purchase depending on your need. They have different models of wash lines which can be used outdoors but appear different.

Addis Heavy duty

This washing line offers a 50m drying space and easy to connect and use. It has a ground spine, which will aid to set it up and it has four arms which are opened using a simple umbrella. In addition, it has an adjustable suit, which allows you hang various items.


Brabantia Lift-O-Matic

The Brabantia model has a smart Lift-O-Matic system, which modifies the dryer’s height to equal your ideal height. It has easily spinning arms, which means that you don’t need to carry your heavy washing basket around when hanging clothes. It is also fitted with a non-slip; UV resilient washing line that remains strained in all its three positions. All its four arms have distinct holes for coat hangers and the rotary has a secure dangling loop for easy storing.

HOME 14m 3 Tier Indoor Clothes Airer

The 3 tier Indoor clothes wash line from HOME by Argos is a strong and tough line that can bear up to 2 laundry lots at a time. The unit has 14 meters of drying allowance with a 10kg volume. It is designed with the non-slip end, thus the item can be positioned on laminates and other smooth surfaces. When it is not in use, you can also fold it and store it.

Better Dri 15m Retractable Clothes Line

The Better Dri Retractable Clothesline is great for saving on space saving. It has 15m of drying allowance that holds up to 7.5kg load. It is easy to pull together as it comes with the essential fixtures.

Dri Buddi Indoor Clothes Dryer

dribuddi Indoor Clothes Dryer

This is a type of clothes dryer that enables your clothes to dry fast and is most suitably used indoors and requires less energy. It can be used to dry up to 18 items at one time and you can even travel with it since it is portable.

Minky Plus

The Minky is an indoor drier which has approximately 21m of drying space. They come in different designs and some of them have flip out bends, which increases an additional 10-12 hanging spaces. The have a wide space to make the most of the airflow. They are very strong such that they hold up 20kg of laundry and when not in use you can fold them to a length of 8cm to allow for storage

The business has over 750 stores and 800 million website visits annually, which makes it among major online retailers in the UK. It was established in 1973, by Richard Tompkins, the forefather of the Green Shield Stamps scheme, who changed the remaining Green Shield Stamps shops to Argos.

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